Sunday, 8 November 2015

When your Canine Friend Turns the Sole Guard of your House

Guard dog training or protection training is an essential part of canine obedience training program. At Sydney Dog training Centre we offer an advanced course where our trainers do the needful in honing up a dog’s protective instinct. Canines usually have a protective instinct by birth. At Sydney Dog Training Centre we personally ensure that your four-legged member of the family is trained well to guard objects and to protect your family from trespassers and offenders. When it comes to your own people, our experts will ensure that your loving canine takes a fierce step to shield your loved ones from any offender who tries to break into your property.

The advanced dog training session ensures that your home gets a natural protector. Our training course entails the following: Obedience: The dog is ordered to do the following:

 • Sit 
 • Lay 
 • Stay

No matter the distractions the canine is being taught to do whatever he/she is commanded.

Protection work: the dog is trained to switch on and off his protective behavior with command (in accordance with the command). 

Finding the intruder: The dog is being trained to indentify the intruder. We let him make the most out of his smelling sense.

Responding to threats: The dog’s response to handle threats is most important. Here at Sydney Dog Training Centre we do everything needful to train the canine in a way such that it can prevent an intruder from committing any menacing act.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Best of Dog Boarding and Training Sydney

Your ill-mannered dog may be disturbing you so much such that you often wish had this canine friend of yours been obedient you could have enjoyed the outdoors with him. Whether it is a morning walk or a stroll in the evening, it’s definitely worth spending quality time with your dog. Of course you cannot rule out the fact that training is necessary to get him on the road. Wondering if your furry friend would adapt well with the trainer? The success rates for training usually remain high at around 98%”. These classes are conducted by experts who are experienced in training dogs as well as puppies. These sessions are mostly designed based upon the following:

• Repetition
• Consistency
• Rewards

While appointing a dog trainer ensure that the specialist behaves well with your pet. These trainers are experienced in handling dogs from various breeds and sizes. So, even if you were thinking that your St. Bernard or Great Dane is troublesome to tackle then get it trained in the first place. Dogs have varying behavior. While some are aggressive, others can be playful or timid. There are dog breeds that are marked for their aggressive nature. However the dog may be a proper training centre will ensure that the canine is given proper training to become obedient and decent. Controlling over their anger is important so that accidents can be avoided. These training centers have diversified their offerings and are now providing dog boarding Sydney services. The services are aimed at helping dog owners enjoy vacations while staying rest assured that their pets are in safe hands.

Most interestingly the training centers are offering shelter for other pets like cats these days. Yes! If you are also a cat owner you can seek cat boarding Sydney. Your pet will be provided proper care and food necessary for its well being. Now, you can enjoy holidaying somewhere and stay worry free till the time you return. Not only offering your pets lodging facilities, a proper training centre also offers food and activities so that the animal stays healthy.